Buy A Box Of Hope For The Homeless

when did we see You hungry and feed You, or thirsty and give You drink?
Matthew 25.37

 @calvaryhanford we have a leading by God to minister to the homeless community in our town and county.

one of the ways we do this is through our God In The Box packages.

each box is packed with helpful, non-perishable items like water, nuts, jerky, blankets, rain ponchos alongside a Bible, invitations to our church and a direct Gospel presentation.

the whole thing, from the box to the Bible, costs us just $10 to put together.

that’s where you come in. maybe you don’t feel led to spend time with some of our guys at the homeless camps each week, but you feel moved by God to increase your compassion and outreach to the people around you. that’s what these boxes are for.

here’s how it works:

you buy a box for $10. you can either go right out and deliver that box to someone in need, or you can keep it in your car. it won’t spoil.

then, the next time you see someone begging on the street or dumpster diving for cans and feel the Lord tugging on your heart, you can stop, hand them the box and demonstrate that you love them and God does too.

more than that, you can give them something that explains that there is hope for them in Jesus Christ.

together we can put our hands to the plow in ministering to the homeless of Kings County.

let’s get hands on in showing others the love, mercy and compassion that God has shown us!

click the button below to either buy a box that you want to hand out or simply to sponsor the making of a box for someone else to use.


make one right now.

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