Iglesia De Carne – I Win Them One Peeps At A Time…

1 Corinthians 9:1-27 – I Win Them One Peeps At A Time And It Doesn’t Cost Them A Dime Paul speaks to the Corinthians about knowing when to waive your rights in the church and the world as you navigate life with the Gospel as your focus. listen to the audio read the transcript “Paul […]

Prophecy Update #594 – Kiosk Krazy

Prophecy Update #594 – Kiosk Krazy The phrase Smart City is something you’re going to hear more-and-more. Listen for it. Is this the Mark of the Beast? No, the Mark isn’t technology, it is swearing allegiance to him, worshiping him. But reading the Bible as we should, as futurists, these advances and invasions of privacy […]