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Finding Your Seat

Here at Calvary, our desire is to be welcoming and informal, while also providing a place where people can hear the Word of God taught with as little distraction as possible.

With those goals in mind, we have provided the following areas so that you can find the best seat for you needs.


The sanctuary is a place where we like to keep distractions to a minimum in order to show respect for the teaching of God’s Word.

We ask that children below Jr. High age not be seated in the main Sanctuary.

Younger kids have their own worship service in the Fellowship Hall, followed by Sunday School.

If you exit the Sanctuary during the Bible Study one of our ushers may ask you to not re-enter. It will depend on where you were sitting and how much of a distraction it may cause others.

Water is permitted, but no other beverages or eating please.

If you prefer to remain with your children, please select one of the alternate locations listed on this page.


We have a number of chairs set up right outside the Sanctuary in the Foyer.

These are specifically for parents who wish to remain with their younger childern.

Water is permitted, but no other beverages or eating please.


Families are welcome to sit together in our Balcony.

Water is permitted, but no other beverages or eating please.


Women only, please, with infants.

You may exit and return to the Mother’s Room at any time.


Our services are broadcast into the Cafe.

The Cafe is designed to be a place of conversation and fellowship with the service going on in the background.

Please supervise children ages 12 and below.


The courtyard has an audio feed of our Sunday morning services, so you’re welcome to sit at one of our tables with your family in our most informal location on campus.


Our services are broadcast into our Stream Room, which is found in the northeast corner of the first floor of our Youth Building.

Families who wish to stay together in a place where distractions to the Bible Study are not a concern find the Stream Room a great venue.

There are no restrictions on age as long as you remain with your children.

Food and drink are permitted and you can come and go as you please.