Psalm Sundays – I’ve Just Had An Antiphony (Psalm 118)

Psalm 118 – I’ve Just Had An Antiphony TOPIC The congregation of Israel participates in worship by singing antiphonally at their celebration of Passover. SCRIPTURE REFERENCES Psalm 118:1-29     Exodus 15:1-12 FROM THE MESSAGE “There are incredible estimates of how many lambs were slain annually in the Second Temple period. One site said 1 million. If […]

Prophecy Update #619 – ID 2020

Prophecy Update #619 – ID 2020 TOPIC Bible futurists have long understood that, in the Last Days and going into the Great Tribulation, there would be a global system, or systems, of personal identification by which everyone will conduct all their business. LISTEN TO THE AUDIO READ THE TRANSCRIPT