Psalm Sundays – In gods They Trust (Psalm 115)

Psalm 115 – In gods They Trust TOPIC The God of the Bible is compared with the gods of this world, showing that Jehovah is powerful, compassionate and trustworthy. SCRIPTURE REFERENCES Psalm 115:1-18     1 Kings 3:9-10     Luke 15:7     Romans 1:20     FROM THE MESSAGE “When Charles Blondin invited his manager, Harry Colcord onto his back for […]

Prophecy Update #636 – Build Back Better Worry

Prophecy Update #636 – Build Back Better Worry TOPIC The final book of the Bible, the Revelation, predicts what the world will look like in the End Times – especially during the seven year Great Tribulation. The world will be under the rule of one government, one economic system, and one leader. A global, one-world […]