The Grace Of Wrath – Angels In The Atmos-field (Revelation 14:1-20)

Revelation 14:1-20 – Angels In The Atmos-field TOPIC Three angels in the Earth’s atmosphere preach the Gospel and warn men not to take the Mark of the Beast. SCRIPTURE REFERENCES Revelation 14:1-20     Matthew 24:30-31 FROM THE MESSAGE “The harvest is overripe. Throughout history, extending into the Great Tribulation, God is patient, striving with sinners, seeking […]

Prophecy Update #661 – Skullduggery

Prophecy Updates

Prophecy Update #661 – Skullduggery TOPIC In Genesis 6, fallen angels married and mated with human women. Their offspring were giants called in the Bible Nephilim. LISTEN TO THE AUDIO READ THE TRANSCRIPT