The Millennium Forecast – Make Plows, Not War (Isaiah 2:1-22)

Isaiah 2:1-22 – Make Plows, Not War TOPIC While warning Judah of God’s impending judgment, Isaiah jumps to the future Millennial Kingdom when the nations will beat their swords into plows. SCRIPTURE REFERENCES Isaiah 2:1-22     Joel 3:10-16     John 8:44     Acts 7:52     Hebrews 11:39     Revelation 6:8-16 FROM THE MESSAGE “Tunnel vision is a metaphor we apply […]

Prophecy Update #730 – Knowledge On Steroids

Prophecy Update #730 – Knowledge On Steroids TOPIC Daniel predicted that, in the last days, there would be an exponential explosion of knowledge. Artificial Intelligence is sort of the poster robot for the increase in knowledge. LISTEN TO THE AUDIO READ THE NOTES