The Millennium Forecast – I Am Root (Isaiah 11:1-12:6)

Isaiah 11:1-12:6 – I Am Root TOPIC The Bible illustrates the truth that Jesus is both the ancestor and the descendant of Israel’s King David by calling him the root and the shoot. SCRIPTURE REFERENCES Isaiah 11:1-12:6     Psalm 19:1     Psalm 98:7     Isaiah 35:6     Luke 19:40     Acts 6:3     1 Corinthians 6:2     2 Thessalonians 2:7     Revelation 3:21     […]

Prophecy Update #738 – Robot In The Mirror

Prophecy Update #738 – Robot In The Mirror TOPIC The sole reason we talk about AI is this: The Bible, 2,000 years ago, predicted an “image” would come to life. That prophecy could be fulfilled by AI. We are alive in the first and only time in history that makes any sense. LISTEN TO THE […]