A True Beginning – Blood Brothers (Genesis 34:1-31)

Genesis 34:1-31 - Blood Brothers


In response to Shechem assaulting Dinah, Jacob’s son go on a murderous spree, showing the downfall of being outside the will of God.


Genesis 34:1-31     Genesis 49:5-7     Proverbs 14:12     Proverbs 16:25     Daniel 12:3     Ephesians 1:18-19


Hamor thinks he has a lot to offer. But did you notice that he only offers things that God had already promised to Jacob? God had already promised them offspring and the land and abundance in it. In fact, God had guaranteed much more. This is what the world does. It comes and whispers to us about all the things it can offer. It offers you pleasure. It offers you purpose. It offers you power and position. But everything it offers comes at a brutal price and what it delivers can’t compare to what the Lord wants to give.

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