A True Beginning – Like Father, Like Son (Genesis 26:1-35)

Genesis 26:1-35 - Like Father, Like Son


Isaac reacts to different provocations that come against him from famine, fear, foes, and family.


Genesis 26:1-35     Proverbs 6:16-19, 12:22     1 Corinthians 10:11     3 John 3-4     Revelation 21:3


Isaac was gracious enough to be trusted by Abimelech, even after being caught in a lie. Isaac was willing to receive his foes. He was willing to endure an offense. He was generous to overlook some issues for the greater good. He doesn’t bring up the wells to Abimelech. That’s one way he was different from his dad. Isaac doesn’t want to harm his enemies, he wants to be at peace with them and even bless them. So he gives them a feast and a place to stay. The fact that Abimelech stayed the night is a testimony to Isaac’s graciousness. The king wasn’t afraid he’d get his throat cut while he slept.

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