A True Beginning – The Long And Fighting Road (Genesis 32:1-32)

Genesis 32:1-32 - The Long And Fighting Road


Jacob takes the road to Israel, anticipating a fight with Esau but facing another battle with the Angel of the Lord along the way.


Genesis 32:1-32     Psalm 127:1     Hosea 12:4-5     Luke 10:1-3     Mark 10:45


While there were many roads he could’ve taken, only one led to Israel. Not Israel the land – Israel the man. A tremendous spiritual journey will take him from Jacob to Israel. There was only one way to get there. It was God’s road of surrender, submission, and reconciliation. Physically, Jacob would be weaker than ever before. But on the spiritual level, he would finally be strong – finally be where he was supposed to be, all thanks to this road and the encounters along the way.

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