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The Millennium Forecast – Bruised Almighty (Isaiah 53:4-6)

Isaiah 53:4-6 - Bruised Almighty


It was for you that Jesus was bruised.


Isaiah 53:4-6     Zechariah 12:10     Matthew 27:39-44     Luke 23:39-41     Romans 11:26     Romans 16:20     Revelation 1:13


“Physical healing in the Church Age in which we live is not on the table in these words. Certainly you could apply them to salvation, which is our ultimate healing. But I think there is a strong element of the Kingdom in them. After all, Jesus establishes the Kingdom at His return. Jew & Gentile believers who survive in their mortal bodies will be healed.

We absolutely believe in gifts of healings. God continues to heal people; there has been no cessation of that, or any of the other gifts of God the Holy Spirit.
Why so few healings? A common answer is that the Church is failing. Are we ready to say that the Church has been failing for over two thousand years? It’s time we admit that there are fewer healings in the Church Age by design, not by defeat.
The Church Age is a time in which God’s strength is made known through our weakness. He tells us that divine healing is not necessary because His grace is enough.”

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