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Death Of A Nation – The Hunter Becomes The Hunted (Nahum 2:11-13)

Nahum 2:11-13 - The Hunter Becomes The Hunted


Nahum describes Assyria as ferocious lions and God as the hunter who has come to eradicate them once and for all.


Nahum 2:11-13     Isaiah 5:29     Jeremiah 50:17     Nahum 1:15


“Who is our lion King and what does He stand for? We don’t want to be anything like the Assyrians. God calls us to not love violence, to not be greedy, to not oppress the weak, to not think more highly of ourselves than we ought. He invites us to lives of mercy and thankfulness and generosity and grace. And as His messengers, we’re to be the exact opposite of the messengers of Assyria.
They were messengers of death, we’re messengers of life. They came with intimidation, we go in gentleness. They extracted tribute, we freely give. They demanded submission, we go with invitation to join the family of God, to submit one to another and together kneel before our loving Savior, Who protects and provides and walks with us through life. He is the real Lion King, coming once again to put down the oppressor and deliver His people.”

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