Don’t Stay Thirsty, My Friends (Isaiah 55:1-7)

Isaiah 55:1-7 - Don't Stay Thirsty, My Friends


In the Bible, the need for salvation is pictured as a thirst God wants to quench. He offers His living water at no cost to anyone who will come.


Isaiah 55:1-7     Psalm 16:11     Zechariah 8:23     John 7:37     Hebrews 9:27


“You may be thinking, ‘Well, all these promises sound pretty good, but I’ve got a lot of other things I want to do. Since this invitation from God is open all the time, what hurry is there? I don’t feel so thirsty in my heart. I must be ok.’ God is telling you two things: First, you are dying. Second, do something about it now.

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