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I’ll Betrothe For Christmas (Matthew 1:18-25)

Matthew 1:18-25 - I'll Betrothe For Christmas


Joseph faces the choice of either breaking off his engagement with Mary or taking on a life very different than the one he must have planned.


Matthew 1:18-25     Luke 2:24


“How interesting that the angel called Joseph, ‘Joseph, son of David.’ A lot of good the family name had done him so far in life. But we see that God knows what is true about you, God installs eternal value in you, God sees the culmination of His work in you, even if the rest of the world passes you by. It didn’t matter to Rome that he was a son of David. It didn’t matter to the Innkeepers of Bethlehem. But it mattered to the Lord and the Lord had not forgotten. In fact, the Lord had decided to give Joseph a personal, hand-tailored part to play in the drama of redemption.
This is what God wants to do with every single child of God! Your life may not be working out according to your five-year plan or the dream you had when you were a little boy or girl. But God has a providential plan that is shaking up the cosmos, displaying His grace and glory and power to all the powers in all the heavens. And He has written a part for you to play.”

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