He Loved Me, He Loves Me Lots – Let Me Start Off With One Word: It Is Finished (John 19:16-30)

John 19:16-30 - Let Me Start Off With One Word: It Is Finished


Jesus said, “It is finished” and dismissed His spirit.


John 19:16-30     Exodus 12:22     John 3:14-16     John 12:32-33     Acts 7:51     1 Corinthians 10:32


Jesus draws all men to Himself – and we emphasize all, whosoever, whoever. Some cannot reconcile God’s sovereignty with mankind’s free will. They conclude that for God to remain sovereign His grace in salvation must be irresistible. It sounds feasible, until you realize that it means God only irresistibly draws a small, elect group, leaving the majority of the human race to perish eternally. Would Jesus consign most of the human race to eternal, conscious torment without giving them a way of salvation? I can conceive of no crime against humanity greater than condemning billions of people to the Lake of Fire for eternity who by God’s own design could not respond to the Gospel and be saved.

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