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Lions And Fires And Prayers – What’s God’s Big Idea?

Daniel 3:13-30 – What’s God’s Big Idea?

Daniel’s 3 friends are in a tight spot…and this is God’s idea of deliverance?

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“In our text, God’s faithful servants were in some real trouble. There, at the great dedication service of Nebuchadnezzar’s blasphemous image, they refused to bow in worship. Now they faced immediate, public execution. They’re confident the Lord will intervene and deliver them, and He does, but probably not in the way we would hope for had we been in that situation.
Here’s what God’s idea of deliverance was that day: They would stand, seemingly alone, before the most powerful and (at the time) the most angry man in all the world. They’d be sentenced to a terrifying death, thrown into a blazing fire, and then, when all is said and done, they’d be back where they started: Working for the very same man who tried to burn them alive, alongside a bunch of haters who wanted them dead! That was God’s idea of deliverance in this story.”

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