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The Millennium Forecast – Lucifer In The Sky With Delusions (Isaiah 13:1-14:23)

Isaiah 13:1-14:23 - Lucifer In The Sky With Delusions


Lucifer is cast from Heaven having delusions that he can be like God.


Isaiah 13:1-14:23     Jeremiah 30:7     Acts 7:52     Romans 11:29     2 Corinthians 6:4-10     1 Peter 1:3-5     Revelation 18:8


God will still choose Israel. Despite all her notorious failures, God will not revoke His choice of them as His special nation. He has promised them they will be saved, live in their Promised Land, and be the key nation during the thousand year Kingdom of God on Earth.
God’s call to Abraham to be the father of a new nation cannot be revoked. The grace that the LORD promised Israel through Abraham can never, ever be revoked. They are unconditional promises based upon God’s faithfulness and not theirs. Every unconditional promise God has made to us cannot be revoked. If you are saved, God will still choose you.

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