Psalm Sundays – Get Rich & Die Tryin’ (Psalm 49)

Psalm 49 - Get Rich & Die Tryin'


The Psalmist has a message for all people everywhere about a life lived in Christ’s redemption as opposed to pursing the building of wealth.


Psalm 49:1-20     1 Samuel 2:9     2 Kings 17:33     Job 20:26     Psalm 119:176     Colossians 4:5     Hebrews 9:27


“It’s easy for us to think, ‘Well, I’m a Christian, I’m not rich, so I’m good.’ But, remember how this song began: It’s for everyone, everywhere, whether they’re rich or poor. That means that there’s a message here we all need to pay attention to. And, while everything is relative, even a person living on minimum wage in the United States is richer than 94% of the world’s population.”

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