Psalm Sundays – Practically Perfected In Every Way (Psalm 138)

Psalm 138 - Practically Perfected In Every Way


David recognized that the Lord was working to perfect him in the present and that He would complete the work in the future.


Psalm 138:1-8     Psalm 32:3-4     Daniel 10:12-13     Zechariah 14:16     Revelation 2:13     Revelation 21:24, 26


Satan, fallen angels, demons – these, too, are elohim. Any being who lives in the unseen realm is an elohim. The Almighty God, the God of Israel, YHWH, is an elohim. But note: While YHWH is an elohim, no elohim is YHWH. They are created beings; subordinate beings. The Bible always makes it clear no other is like Him.”

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