Psalm Sundays – You Can Tell Everybody This Is Your Song (Psalm 62)

Psalm 62 - You Can Tell Everybody This Is Your Song


David dedicates a song to his fellow servant, Jeduthun, which proclaims the limitless power and unfailing mercy of God, who is a refuge for His people.


Psalm 62:1-12     1 Timothy 6:17-18


“Who are you? You children of God, remember He is our Father. You flock of sheep, remember the Lord is our Shepherd. You members of the Lord’s army, remember He is our Commander. You citizens of heaven, remember Christ is our King. You Bride of Christ, remember He is our Bridegroom. And remember that you are a people. Meaning we are not in this life alone. We walk with others together on this road of faith, bearing one another’s burdens and building each other up, especially in times of difficulty.”

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