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The Millennium Forecast – It’s All Signs And Names Until Somebody Invades (Isaiah 8:1-22)

Isaiah 8:1-22 - It's All Signs And Names Until Somebody Invades


Isaiah is promised a second son whose name will be a second sign of the future Assyrian invasion.


Isaiah 8:1-22     John 16:33     Acts 1:21-22     Ephesians 2:20     Ephesians 3:5-6


I have always had a tough time describing the fear of God. The safe, default, commentary is to say it is to ‘reverence God.’ That often leads to a rebuke at our being too casual with God.
I’m sorry, but a Christian is a son or a daughter of God. Jesus calls us His friends.
I can’t help but think about John-John. Those of you who are old enough know he was the adorable son of President John F. Kennedy. There is a wonderful picture of JFK seated at his desk in the Oval Office, while little John-John plays underneath it. The president in the seat of his power, his son without a care at all about nuclear annihilation.
I prefer to think of my relationship with God like that – as His son, welcome in His presence, unaffected by the weight of the world.

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