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Stuck Everlasting (Ecclesiastes 1:2-11)

Ecclesiastes 1:2-11 - Stuck Everlasting


The Teacher reveals that humanity is stuck in a system that leaves us unfulfilled and forgotten.


Ecclesiastes 1:2-11     Ecclesiastes 3:11     Psalm 98:1     Psalm 102:25-28     Jeremiah 31:31     Ezekiel 36:26     Mark 8:36     Romans 6:4     2 Corinthians 5:17     Revelation 21:1


A person may distract themselves, but they can not deliver themselves from the realities of this world. The hardships. The unfairness. The goals you couldn’t quite reach. Time, death, and chance.
But as we consider these things, we realize this is a human problem. The sun isn’t depressed about its job. Did you know that western lowland gorillas almost never sleep in the same bed twice? They make a new bed for themselves every day. But no gorilla is out there going, ‘This again…’
But humans are different. We are restless. We feel unfulfilled, stuck, frustrated with the workings of life. Why is it that the earth remains and I do not? Why is it that the meaningless life of a gorilla seems to cause him no worries? Meanwhile I work and strive and struggle just to make it to the end where I die and that’s it? The system we’re in doesn’t seem to match the hopes, the aspirations, the needs we have in the deepest parts of our hearts. It doesn’t seem to match what we’re made for.”

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