The Grace Of Wrath – A Hush To Judgment (Revelation 8:1-13)

Revelation 8:1-13 - A Hush To Judgment


A moment of silence is observed in Heaven before the judgments of the seventh seal begin.


Revelation 8:1-13     Numbers 22:28-30     Jeremiah 9:15     Jeremiah 23:15     Lamentations 3:15, 19     Revelation 1:19     Revelation 6:12-14


Apocalyptic is a genre of literature that is filled with allegories. It isn’t meant to be taken literally. The Revelation is not in the genre of Apocalyptic literature. In 22:18 we read the Revelation is referred to as ‘the words of the prophecy in this book.’ Prophecy is an entirely different genre from Apocalyptic literature. Prophecy is to be taken literally. If the prophecy is told in symbols, the Bible will define those symbols for us.

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