The Grace Of Wrath – How To Restrain Your Dragon (Revelation 12:1-6)

Revelation 12:1-6 - How To Restrain Your Dragon


John sees a sign illustrating God restraining Satan from preventing the birth of Jesus.


Revelation 12:1-6     Genesis 37:9-10     Matthew 24:15-21     John 8:44     Acts 8:39     2 Corinthians 12:2-4     Revelation 20:2


Jesus is the ‘male Child,’ the promised Seed of the woman. The heavenly sign contains His life and ministry, His death and resurrection, when it shows Him ‘caught up to God and His throne.’ It’s a logo with motion. Remember those dot-drawings that you stare at until an image comes into focus? Or maybe the living pictures in The Daily Prophet newspaper in Harry Potter.

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