The Grace Of Wrath – That’ll Be The Day You Can’t Die (Revelation 9:1-21)

Revelation 9:1-21 - That'll Be The Day You Can't Die


The trumpet judgments are so horrific that men will desire to die but death will flee from them.


Revelation 9:1-21     Job 38:7     Psalm 78:34     Psalm 115:4-8     Matthew 24:14     John 6:44     John 12:32


Idolatry can be understood as the desire to replace God with self. Satan tempted Eve to be like God. To replace God and be her own ‘god.’ Problem is, like Bob Dylan sang, ‘It may be the devil, or it may be the Lord, but you’re gonna have to serve somebody.’ Serving the devil has awful repercussions. Four of them are highlighted: Murders, sorceries, sexual immorality, and thefts.

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