The Grace Of Wrath – Woohoo, Witchy Woman, She Got the Saints in Her Sights (Revelation 2:18-29)

Revelation 2:18-29 - Woohoo, Witchy Woman, She Got The Saints In Her Sights


Jesus exposes a woman in the church in Thyatira who claims to be a prophetess but is more like a notorious witch and harlot from the Old Testament.


Revelation 2:18-29     2 Kings 9:22     2 Kings 9:30     Isaiah 14:12-15     Daniel 10:6     1 Timothy 4:13


While sickness and death can be God’s discipline, it is rare. If you are sick or dying, it is not discipline for sin, unless you are a Jezebel, or are committing particularly heinous sins that endanger the church.”

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