The Volunteer State (1 Chronicles 9:22-33)

1 Chronicles 9:22-33 - The Volunteer State


212 Levite gatekeepers volunteer to return to the temple to do a lot of small jobs that keep the spiritual heart of the nation pumping.


1 Chronicles 9:22-33     Ezra 1:5     Ezra 7:13     Nehemiah 12:47     Psalm 27:4     Psalm 84:10     Luke 14:23


These Levites didn’t spend their days complaining that so many other Levites stayed in Babylon. Instead, they set about their business week by week. God had stirred up their hearts. God was using them. They were a meaningful part of the rebirth of a nation. Faithfulness focuses on what I’m called to do, not what others should be doing. A faithful servant says ‘I COULD,’ not ‘you SHOULD.’

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