Those Were The Days – Be All That You Can Be

Acts 19:1-10 - Be All That You Can Be


Being a Christian means understanding certain truths and experiencing the outpouring of God’s supernatural power. We see this reality at work in Paul’s ministry in Ephesus.


Acts 19:1-10     2 Corinthians 5:18     Ephesians 1:13


“We see these guys exercising spiritual gifts. What are your gifts? If you were about to retire and your accountant said to you, “What are your assets?” You probably wouldn’t say, “I dunno.” You know what they are because you’ll need them. Or, if someone said, “You’ve received a significant inheritance.” You wouldn’t say, “I don’t need to know about it.” God has gifted you, to grow you and bless you and use you to serve others. Being a Christian means not only discovering those things but then exercising them.”

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