Those Were The Days – By The Time I Get To Phoenix I’ll Be Shipwrecked

Acts 27:13-44 - By The Time I Get To Phoenix I'll Be Shipwrecked


Brought along on a doomed crossing, Paul and his friends prove to be the most useful passengers on the ship.


Acts 27:13-44     James 5:16


“For many years it has been fashionable for Christians to embrace and promote ‘brokenness.’ I’m sure it’s rooted in the idea of being poor in spirit and recognizing that none of us are perfect. But, here’s the problem: What it converts to is a celebration of instability. When you see Christians talking about brokenness a lot, it ends up just being an excuse to not progress in our walk with the Lord, to just surrender to the difficulties of life and stay at a low, broken-down level.”

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