Those Were The Days – Don’t Go Breaking My Heart

Acts 21:2-16 - Don't Go Breaking My Heart


As Paul moves closer to Jerusalem at the urging of the Holy Spirit, the Christians around him break his heart by trying to convince him to prioritize his own safety and security.


Acts 21:2-16     Acts 20:22     1 Corinthians 11:1


“Raising kids in the Lord isn’t less important than being an evangelist. We don’t need to rank service to God. And it’s not about picking one or the other saying, “I did this, so I did my part.” It’s about calling and gifting and God’s leading in your life. God called Philip to evangelize and raise kids. He called Paul to evangelize and write Scripture. He calls you and I to certain duties and opportunities. And they will not only be outside the home. Our service to the Lord begins in our own house.”

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