Those Were The Days – Four Tickets To Philippi

Acts 16:6-15 - Four Tickets To Philippi


In this lesson on providence and prevenient grace, God forbids Paul from preaching in the north or south, but presses him west toward Greece and adds a 4th member to the team.


Acts 16:6-15     2 Samuel 7:1-17


“God, in His providence, orchestrated an innumerable series of events so that He could get a preacher of the Gospel in front of her. And then, through what we call prevenient grace, God opened her heart, He freed her will, so that once she heard the Gospel she was able to respond to it, one way or another. Notice, God did not “outfit her heart with belief.” God didn’t put belief in her heart, He opened her heart so that she was able to respond. You see, the work of salvation is all God’s. It’s His initiative, not ours. But, God does not force His grace on anyone. He invites us and frees our wills so that we are free to choose.”

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