Those Were The Days – Time’s A-Wastin’

Acts 27:1-12 - Time's A-Wastin'


From the human perspective, Paul’s sea voyage to Rome seems like a huge waste of time. In reality, it is full of great spiritual benefit and opportunity.


Acts 27:1-12     Matthew 10:42     2 Corinthians 11:25     2 Timothy 4:11     1 John 2:2


“The Christian perspective will often seem foolish and out of place to unbelievers. That doesn’t mean it’s wrong. One example: The Christian says, “If you dismantle the family, society will crumble.” Some unbelievers around us scoff at that, they say we’re old fashioned or out of touch. And so they press on into their own plan and what happens? Society starts to crumble. Because they’re sailing into the difficulties of life and their ship doesn’t even have a rudder!”

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