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Prophecy Update – Mandatory Biometric ID Cards



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Mandatory Biometric ID Card

We like every week to bring what we call a Prophecy Update.  We show how news and trends in the world are corroborating centuries-old
prophecies found in the Bible.

The mark of the beast was introduced by the apostle John when he wrote the Revelation of Jesus Christ in the first century.  It is some sort of mark on your hand or forehead by which you will conduct all commerce.  You won’t be able to buy or sell anything without this mark.

Anytime we see movement towards identifying an entire population using sophisticated technology we are witnessing prophecy unfolding before our very eyes.

A July 15th article posted on TimesOnline in the UK was titled, India to issue all 1.2 billion citizens with biometric ID cards.


India is to issue each of its 1.2 billion citizens, millions of whom live in remote villages and possess no documentary proof of existence, with cyber-age biometric identity cards.

The Government in Delhi recently created the Unique Identification Authority, a new state department charged with the task of assigning every living Indian an exclusive number. It will also be responsible for gathering and electronically storing their personal  details, at a predicted cost of at least £3 billion.

The task will be led by Nandan Nilekani, the outsourcing sage who coined the phrase “the world is flat,” which became a mantra for supporters of globalisation.

“It is a humongous, mind-boggling challenge,” he told The Times. “But we have the opportunity to give every Indian citizen, for the first time, a unique identity. We can transform the country.”

If the cards were piled on top of each other they would be 150 times as high as Mount Everest.

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At the end of the article the writer provided the following factoids:

•Compulsory national identity cards are used in about 100 countries including Germany, France, Belgium, Greece, Luxembourg, Portugal and Spain.

•German police can detain people who are not carrying their ID card for up to 24 hours.

•Most identity cards contain the name, sex, date of birth and a unique number for the holder.

•South Korean, Brazilian, Italian and Malaysian ID cards contain fingerprints. Cards in some countries contain information on any
distinguishing marks of the holder.

It’s not hard to predict where all this is heading.  If India can provide cards for 1.2 billion people, many who are barely on the grid so to speak, how much easier will it be for the more technologically advanced nations?

The current financial crisis, or something like it, could force even the United States toward a global economy that will involve first a card then something a little more permanent and personal.  Because, after all, cards or other objects you carry are not very secure.  A microchip under the skin or, better yet, a permanent silicon ‘tattoo’ would do the trick.

The technology exists right now to implement a system like the one described by the apostle John two thousand years ago.

None of the things we see today are the dreaded mark of the beast.  His mark will involve swearing allegiance to him.  All of this foreshadows what the Bible says is going to come to pass in the last days.

All the more reason to remind you that the coming of Jesus to resurrect and rapture the church is imminent.

Get ready, stay ready, keep looking up.

Ready or not, Jesus is coming!

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