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Prophecy Update – The False Prophet



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The False Prophet

We like every week to bring what we call a Prophecy Update.  We show how news and trends in the world are corroborating centuries-old prophecies found in the Bible.

The Book of the Revelation makes it clear that the future antichrist will be aided by an individual known as the False Prophet.  He is the man who helps to convince the world that the antichrist is worthy and deserving of worship, and ultimately it is he who enforces this worship on penalty of death.

This False Prophet will be the driving force behind the takeover of the global cashless economic system that characterizes the Great Tribulation.

Revelation 13:16  He [the False Prophet] causes all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hand or on their foreheads,
Revelation 13:17  and that no one may buy or sell except one who has the mark or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.

Reading this prophecy we would expect in the last days the rise of a strong religious leader who would call for global economic reform.

On July 7th USA Today ran a story titled, Pope Calls for God-centered Global Economy.


Pope Benedict today called for reforming the United Nations and establishing a “true world political authority” with “real teeth” to manage the global economy with God- centered ethics.

In his third encyclical, a major teaching, released as the G-8 summit begins in Italy, the pope says such an authority is urgently needed to end the current worldwide financial crisis. It should “revive” damaged economies, reach toward “disarmament, food security and peace,” protect the environment and “regulate migration.”

The “true world political authority” that Benedict calls for should keep solutions as simple and local as possible but still create solidarity for the common good.

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The Brisbane Times titled their article on Pope Benedict’s teaching, Pope Calls for a New World Order.


His suggested political authority would manage globalization, revive economies, stop the crisis deepening, protect the environment and regulate worldwide migration. It would need to be universally recognized and given power to ensure compliance from all

{ read the whole article }

Globalization is snowballing.  Author and writer Mark Hitchcock writes,

The economic Armageddon the world has [recently] experienced could be the initial explosion that sets in motion a chain reaction of events that eventually lead to the global system foretold by the prophets… the prediction[s] of a financial new world order [are]  front page news. ((Cashless, pg 13))

The pope wants to set the tone for an inevitable new world order.  I’m not saying this pope or a future pope is the False Prophet.  Maybe; maybe not.

I am saying that there will be a False Prophet.  He will wield tremendous power and utilize a global economy to further the agenda of the coming world leader we call the antichrist.

The fact that our news is dominated by just this kind of call from a strong religious leader is an ominous sign we are in the last days.

Jesus told His disciples to not let their hearts be troubled because He was leaving earth to prepare a place for us in Heaven and then return to bring us there.  He was talking about His return to resurrect and rapture the church from the earth.  It is presented in the Bible as an imminent event – meaning it could occur at any moment.  Nothing need be fulfilled prior to this coming to take us home.

A new world order is on the horizon.  We’re looking above the horizon, to the clouds and the coming of Jesus.

Get ready, stay ready, keep looking up.

Ready or not, Jesus is coming!

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