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The Millennium Forecast – Don’t He Make You Wanna Go Home? (Isaiah 51:1-23)

Isaiah 51:1-23 - Don't He Make You Wanna Go Home


Listening to the LORD describe Israel’s future stirs up an eagerness in Isaiah to go home.


Isaiah 51:1-23     Romans 8:18     Philippians 1:23     2 Peter 3:12


“Fear of any man, or fear of anything at all besides God, is irrational for a believer in Jesus. What is the worse thing that we face? Death. For a believer, ‘to die is gain.’
Yes, you will suffer. In some cases your suffering will be extreme. I’ve been thinking about what the apostle Paul said, ‘For I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us’ (Romans 8:18).
‘This present time’ isn’t merely a season. It is all of human history from the fig to now. Paul immediately brings up creation in the next two verses in Romans 8. We get overwhelmed by pain, but it is nothing when you consider the Heaven you are journeying to.”

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