The Millennium Forecast – You Take My Death Away (Isaiah 25:1-12)

Isaiah 25:1-12 - You Take My Death Away


In the end, God will swallow up death forever, and will wipe away tears from all faces.


Isaiah 25:1-12     Psalm 36:8     Zephaniah 2:9     Acts 7:51-53     1 Corinthians 15:26, 54-55    Revelation 18:2, 8


Yes, you must cooperate with God the Holy Spirit to grow and mature. It’s called sanctification. But too much emphasis can be put on you, and not enough on the Lord. It is why the apostle Paul exhorted the Galatian believers that having begun in the Spirit, they should not attempt to be made perfect, to be sanctified, by self-effort and self-discipline.

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