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Romancing The Saints: You Are The Passion Of Jesus

Have we been overlooking an incredibly precious attribute of God?

The answer is yes unless we understand that Jesus Christ is an incurable romantic!

Romancing The Saints investigates the wonderful romance of our God.

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The Girl With The Dragon Antagonist: A Christmas Story

There’s a passage in the Bible that takes a very different look at the Christmas story we are used to reading in the Gospels.

Instead of a silent night with cattle lowing, it reads like a horror story with grotesque images. What is this passage and what does it mean?

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Making Scents Out Of Suffering

Everyone suffers.

In fact, Jesus promised us that if we follow Him we absolutely will suffer.

How does the Bible answer the question of why there is so much suffering in the world?

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A Través De Los Ojos De Una Cierva

The Spanish translation of Pastor Gene’s studies through Habakkuk.

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