Coronavirus Update

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The New Abnormal

The State of California recently released extreme, restrictive, church “reopening” requirements. Just like you, we want to comply with government. At the same time, we consider live, congregational worship & the Word to be “essential services” that are being denied.


Suicide rates are up, as are reports of domestic violence. Participating in worship with others, and hearing God’s Word read and explained, are critical to maintaining spiritual health (or as the secular professionals might say mental wellness).

On Sunday, staff will be on campus to produce the webcast to be broadcast live at 8:15am & 10:15am on the internet, Roku, AppleTV & Amazon Fire. Same with Wednesday night @7pm.

While we are on campus, we are “open” and we will not turn people away.

I would encourage you to educate yourself and to come to your own understanding of reopening in the wake of COVID-19. A place to start would be this CDC website.

The five components that seem to be most recommended are:

1. Monitor your own health for symptoms, and for exposure to others who have COVID-19.
2. Wash your hands often & avoid touching your face.
3. Clean & disinfect.
4. Maintain a distance of 6’ from others.
5. Wear a cloth face covering.

If you are symptomatic, or you have been in contact with someone with COVID-19, please stay at home and watch the livestream.

We have a team clean & disinfect before every service.

While you are on campus we would ask that you respect one another’s personal space. Don’t get too close.

There are lots of places besides the main sanctuary to spread around and watch or listen to the service. We will have additional tables set-up in the spacious Courtyard; and we have installed an outdoor mist system to bring down the summer temperatures.

We are not requiring the wearing of a face covering. That’s up to you.

Our procedures for Children’s Church can be found here.

You are not more mature if you attend live services; you are not immature if you watch the services on livestream.

There are people who say it is a bad testimony to not follow every governmental requirement. Others look at congregations who follow every governmental requirement as living in fear, at the very time they ought to be walking by faith.

There is not a “one size fits all” approach to COVID-19 and the church. We trust you to seek God’s wisdom and thereby make your own decisions.