Coronavirus Update

Yes, We're Open

From the beginning of the Governor’s mandates, Calvary Hanford has been “open,” and we will remain “open.”

No one from our fellowship has reported contracting the coronavirus during worship services.

The gathering of believers is commanded, and it is essential. Our COVID-19 response starts there, then analyzes our governor’s mandates, applying them in ways that make sense.

We trust you to have your own informed response to COVID-19. For our part, as a staff, we have told you what we are doing, and not doing, on campus so that you can make up your own mind about attending services.

We are meeting indoors.
If you think being indoors encourages the spread of COVID-19, there are other venues on campus to watch, or to hear, the services.

We will not require masks at our services.
If you prefer to wear a mask, do so. We have them available. If you are uncomfortable in public without a mask, we understand, and ask you to stay home, and to watch online.

We will be singing.
It is definitely an overreach for the Governor to dictate how we worship.

Educate yourself; come to your own understanding of COVID-19. A place to start would be the CDC:

Besides masks, the four components that seem to be most recommended are:

1. Monitor your own health for symptoms, and for exposure to others who have COVID-19. If you are symptomatic, or you have been in contact with someone with COVID-19, please stay at home and watch the livestream.

2. Wash your hands often & avoid touching your face.

3. Clean & disinfect. We have a team clean & disinfect before every service.

4. Maintain a distance of 6’ from others. We are not marking-off 6’ spots. While you are on campus we would ask that you respect one another’s personal space – don’t get too close.

Our procedures for Children’s Church can be found here:

We are obeying God while adhering to the spirit of the governor’s mandates. If you choose to stay away, please commit to watching the services live.

So far, so good.