Coronavirus Update

Stay Up To Date
250… 50… 10… Six feet… Social distancing… Shelter in place… Shelter at home… Safe at home… Abundance of caution… Essential services…
Just like you, we want to comply with the latest orders. We consider worship & the Word to be “essential services,” and more so in times of crisis when both believers and nonbelievers are fearful. 
Seriously.  Participating in worship with others, and hearing God’s Word, are critical to maintaining our spiritual health; or as the secular professionals might say, our mental wellness.  
What are we going to do? 
If you desire a personal visit, call us and we will arrange something.
On Sunday, staff will be on campus to produce the webcast to be broadcast live at 8:15am & 10:15am on the internet, Roku, AppleTV & Amazon Fire. Same with Wednesday night at 7pm.
While we are on campus, we will not turn people away. It just seems wrong. Rather than decide for you, we trust your judgment regarding your attendance and involvement. That being said, here are a few things to consider:
We invite you to join us, on campus. There are lots of places to spread around if you choose social distancing, e.g., the overflow room, and the Fellowship Hall.
Weather permitting, we will have additional tables set-up in the spacious Courtyard, where you can hear the services.
If you think it prudent to stay home, please commit to watching the live stream. Maybe even gather together with a few others.
If you are on a schedule, as a volunteer, but don’t think it is prudent to attend services… That’s OK! Just be sure to let your ministry head know so we can get coverage, or otherwise adapt.
We will not provide Nursery or Children’s Church.  If you bring your kids, they can stay with you.
The Calvary Cafe will be closed, as will the Welcome Center.  We won’t pass the offering bags; we don’t want you force you to touch them. If you normally give that way, instead utilize the offering boxes.  
No Youth Fellowship on Monday nights, and the Wednesday morning Men’s Fellowship will not be meeting. However, we will still be on site for prayer on Saturday nights at 6pm.
I’m sure you know we already practice good cleaning and disinfecting. We’ve boosted that by cleaning between services – out of an abundance of caution.
Let’s talk more about the live stream.
Watch it. Really watch it. Commit to watching it.
Since you normally attend Calvary Hanford, the message isn’t a generic Bible study. It is for you to hear – to strengthen your walk with the Lord. We are going to explore some ways to make the live stream more interactive.
The transcripts for our Sunday & Wednesday studies are posted at Follow along. Better yet, read the transcript several times during the week.
I’ve heard Christians say, “This is a good thing, and we’re ready for it with live streaming.”
It is not a good thing if the church cannot gather.
It may be a necessary thing, for a short time, but it is not a good thing. We are grateful to be able to broadcast live, but it was never meant to be, and is no substitute for, gathering together.
We’ll keep you informed
Your pastors