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Prayer for Sister Kia’s mental health and the demons to be cast off and out of her in Jesus Name, prayer for her to be obedient to the Lord, prayer for her to be out of a state of delusional behaviors and abide in Christ. Prayer For Rev Judy’s job transition for a blessing, she needs a real good paying job right away. Prayer for brother Royce that no weapon formed against him shall prosper and every tongue God cast down in Jesus Name! Also prayer for Royce to have all the financial provision he needs in every way. Prayer for Sister Alyce, Lashuanda, Monique, and Francine, to be at church consistently. Prayer for Sister Jeanne’s, Leigh’s and Taylors Job security. Prayer for sister Jeanne to not be negative about anything. Prayer for Ecclesia and Live Oak’s Growth in every way. Prayer for Ecclesia to grow in every way numerically, and spiritually, and financially. Prayer for Kenny Jr, Jacob, and Isaiah to be saved and delivered from addictions. Special Prayer for Makayla’s obedience and favor and God’s mercy. Prayer for Jerrell’s anger to be manageable. Prayer for the addiction of Heroin to be broken in Jacobs life. Prayer for Isaiah to be made whole in every way. Prayer for Rev Judy to find a real good job very soon in Jesus name. Prayer for sister Ash to have favor and every chain in her life to be broken in Jesus name. Prayer for Pastor Ron and Regina’s provision to be abundant. Prayer for Deidre Bowman blessings. prayer for maria Guadalupe. Special prayer for Kamrey Russ who has been diagnosed with kidney cancer. Prayer for Royce Jr’s mental health and stability and growth. Prayer for Stephens family during this time of grief. Special prayer for Mother Allen’s brother who is very sick. Special prayer for Sister Regina’s uncle (Robert) to be made whole. Prayer for Sister Regina as she is seeking employment and going to school. Prayer for healing for pastor Ron. Prayer for Royce jr, Ayesha, William, Chelsea, Alexa, Cliff, Zaim, Amirris, Jiesharae, to all be delivered and saved, also to have good family relationships in Jesus Name. Prayer for sister Leighs kids to all be saved and obedient and respectful to their mother. Prayer for Al Lewis for the chains of his addiction to be broken. Prayer for Jacob and Isaiah both to be delivered from their addictions. Prayer for sister Francine, Alyce and Lashuanda to all return to the Lord and their Church. Prayer for sister Anissa to get the medical help she needs and follow Jesus. Also prayer for those victims being shot by police and those who chose to shot at Police. Special Prayer for Mother Allen who they have given 6 months to live. Prayer for Sister Pauline’s recovery and healing. Prayer for sister Francine to find a good paying job and finances to pay for her house and car, to survive. Prayer for Rev Judy’s sister Kathy to be made whole and healed. Prayer for Jacob to be delivered from Heroin. Prayer for Isaiah to remain clean and sober. Prayer for upcoming job applications and interviews for sister Leigh favor and elevation in Jesus Name. Prayer for Tihara for strength. Prayer for sister Lashuanda to be free of every chain and addiction. Prayer for sister Lavonnis to get the right job and a place to stay and come to church in Jesus Name. Prayer for sister Ash schooling and her health and growth in every way. Prayer for Live Oak and Ecclesia to grow spiritually numerically and in every way. Prayer for Ecclesia to prosper and grow in every way. Prayer for Ron and Regina’s marriage to be healed in Jesus Name! Prayer for Mother Jessie regarding her housing.

Received: September 25, 2016

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