A True Beginning – Wait Till Your Father Gets You Home (Genesis 8:1-22)

Genesis 8:1-22 – Wait Till Your Father Gets You Home TOPIC The flood is over, but Noah spends week after week waiting for the Lord to speak and tell him to leave the ark. SCRIPTURE REFERENCES Genesis 8:1-22     Leviticus 23:5     Psalm 27:14     Psalm 37:9     Psalm 139:17-18     Isaiah 64:4     Romans 8:22 FROM THE MESSAGE “The other […]

A True Beginning – Working For The Week’s End (Genesis 7:1-24)

Genesis 7:1-24 – Working For The Week’s End TOPIC The flood finally comes after one last week of warning. Along the way, Noah works urgently and continually to obey the Lord and save lives. SCRIPTURE REFERENCES Genesis 7:1-24     John 14:15     Hebrews 5:9     James 1:5 FROM THE MESSAGE “This restriction reminds us that God is able […]

A True Beginning – Very Important Persons (Genesis 6:13-22)

Genesis 6:13-22 – Very Important Persons TOPIC God gives Noah a very important job – making an ark that will keep him and his family safe, along with all kinds of animals during the flood. SCRIPTURE REFERENCES Genesis 6:13-22     2 Peter 3:3-7     1 John 2:2 FROM THE MESSAGE “What are the terms set by […]

Psalm Sundays – Returner Of The Lord’s Ark (Psalm 132)

Psalm 132 – Returner Of The Lord’s Ark TOPIC Solomon commemorates his father’s passion to return the Ark of the Covenant to Jerusalem. SCRIPTURE REFERENCES Psalm 132:1-18     2 Samuel 6:5-7     1 Chronicles 28:9-12 FROM THE MESSAGE “When you stand in the Lord’s presence, after the resurrection and rapture of the church, it won’t be an […]

Prophecy Update #437 – Ark My Words

Prophecy Update #437 – Ark My Words In the Bible, the end times are compared to the days of Noah. So where do we find Noah and his ark in the culture around us? listen to the audio read the pdf transcript