Psalm Sundays – You Take My Depth Away (Psalm 130)

Psalm 130 – You Take My Depth Away TOPIC From what he calls the depths, the psalmist cries out to the LORD trusting in His forgiveness. SCRIPTURE REFERENCES Psalm 130:1-8     Jonah 2:2-7     FROM THE MESSAGE “It almost sounds as if we are soft on sin. No; we’re generous in grace. We’re ecstatic that God does […]

Search And Rescue (Hosea 5:13-15)

Hosea 5:13-15 – Search And Rescue In a world where everyone is looking for answers, Hosea sends a message from God who diagnoses the real problems and supplies the real solutions to life’s biggest concerns. listen to the audio read the transcript “God was always in a place where He could be found. Just one […]