A True Beginning – Fair Water Friends (Genesis 21:22-34)

Genesis 21:22-34 – Fair Water Friends TOPIC Abimelech notices that God is present in Abraham’s life and wants to make a covenant with him, but first they have to resolve water rights. SCRIPTURE REFERENCES Genesis 21:22-34     1 Thessalonians 4:11     Matthew 5:16     1 John 3:18     1 Peter 4:4     2 Corinthians 12:8, 13:11     […]

A True Beginning – The Boys (Genesis 21:1-21)

Genesis 21:1-21 – The Boys TOPIC Isaac is finally born, but problems arise between him and Ishmael, leading to Abraham driving Ishmael and Hagar out. SCRIPTURE REFERENCES Genesis 21:1-21     Galatians 4:29, 4:31-5:1 FROM THE MESSAGE “In Genesis 13 we saw that Abraham and Lot could not co-exist together. It’s a picture of how the life […]