Psalm Sundays – The Promised Crown Affair (Psalm 8)

Psalm 8 – The Promised Crown Affair TOPIC Mankind will once again wear the crown and be given dominion over God’s Creation. SCRIPTURE REFERENCES Genesis 1:26-31     Psalm 8:1-9     Isaiah 11:6-8     Matthew 21:15-16     Colossians 2:15 FROM THE MESSAGE “Stories like Gideon’s let us know that our God can do great things. But they […]

Psalm 19

Psalm 19 part 1 – Are You Talkin’ To Me? How does creation declare the glory of God? watch the video listen to the audio read the transcript Psalm 19 part 2 – Now Hear This Creation is more than just a raw display of power and intelligent design. watch the video listen to the […]