A True Beginning – Rainbow: Cursed Blood (Genesis 9:1-17)

Genesis 9:1-17 – Rainbow: Cursed Blood TOPIC The flood survivors leave the ark and God explains to them the features and responsibilities that await them in their new world, including the eating of meat and their obligation to enforce capital punishment. SCRIPTURE REFERENCES Genesis 9:1-17     Matthew 10:29, 15:11     Acts 25:11     Romans 14:14 FROM THE MESSAGE […]

Straight Outta Egypt – One Half Of 12 Years A Slave

Exodus 21:1-27 – One Half Of 12 Years A Slave God limited the length of time an Israelite could serve as a slave to 6 years listen to the audio read the transcript “One way to keep ourselves focused on what the Bible teaches versus the biases we bring is to draw out the fact […]