Psalm Sundays – My God’s Better Than Your gods (Psalm 82)

Psalm 82 – My God’s Better Than Your gods TOPIC We are introduced to supernatural beings called “gods,” who oppose God by exercising an evil influence upon human beings and our societies. SCRIPTURE REFERENCES Psalm 82:1-8     Job 1-2     Psalm 89     Daniel 7:9-10     Daniel 10     Matthew 22:37-40     John 3:16     […]

Psalm Sundays – Ark Tales (Psalm 68)

Psalm 68 – Ark Tales TOPIC A song to celebrate the history of the Ark of the Covenant upon its arrival in Jerusalem. SCRIPTURE REFERENCES Psalm 68:1-35     Genesis 6     Numbers 10:35     Numbers 13:30-33     2 Samuel 6:12-18     Psalm 22     Matthew 16:13, 18     Acts 1:8     Colossians 2:15 FROM THE MESSAGE “Any mention of Bashan would remind […]

Fantastic Feasts – The Day Of Atonement

The Day Of Atonement Azazel features prominently at this feast. What does it represent? listen to the audio read the transcript “The goat for Azazel wasn’t a payment for ransom or redemption. It was to banish the sins of Israel outside the camp, to the wilderness.”

First Serve – It’s A Plunderful Life

Mark 3:22-35 – It’s A Plunderful Life Jesus likens His display of power and authority over the devil to binding a strong man in order to enter his house and plunder his goods. listen to the audio read the transcript audio en español notas en español “Treating your wife like Jesus treats the church, and […]

When Demons Say, “I Do”

Genesis 6:1-10 – When Demons Say, “I Do” Did demons have children with human women in Genesis? listen to the audio read the notes

Soldier Up – iBad 6.66

Solider Up! – iBad 6.66 – Isaiah 14.12-17 How did Lucifer become the Devil? listen to the audio read the pdf transcript

Soldier Up – Beach Bum

Solider Up! – Beach Bum – Ephesians 4:29 Does the Devil have a beachhead in your life? listen to the audio read the transcript