Psalm Sundays – Crush To Judgment (Psalm 110)

Psalm 110 – Crush To Judgment TOPIC We are informed that when the Lord returns in His Second Coming, He will crush kings on the day of His wrath. SCRIPTURE REFERENCES Psalm 110:1-7     Hebrews 1:3, 13     Revelation 19:11-21     Revelation 20:7-10 FROM THE MESSAGE “Today, we follow a victorious Jesus, and He conquers. But today we […]

Prophecy Update #574 – Globe Plotting

Prophecy Update #574 – Globe Plotting When talking about the End Times, we frequently use the phrase, “One-World Government.” It comes from a literal reading of passages in the Revelation. A component of the One-World Government will be a global system of currency. listen to the audio read the pdf transcript