Those Were The Days – That’s Crazy Talk!

Acts 26:1-32 – That’s Crazy Talk TOPIC Paul shares his testimony, the Gospel of grace and the resurrection, prompting Festus to accuse him of being crazy. SCRIPTURE REFERENCES Acts 26:1-32     John 6:47     Galatians 2:16 FROM THE MESSAGE “Thus far, scientists have discovered 118 elements. These elements work together round the clock in a meticulously fine-tuned […]

Those Were The Days – Inquiring Minds Want To Know

Acts 25:13-27 – Inquiring Minds Want To Know TOPIC We get an insider look into the talk and mindset of Festus and Herod Agrippa, two lost sinners who God was going to send Paul to evangelize. SCRIPTURE REFERENCES Acts 25:13-27     Acts 18:14-17     1 Corinthians 15:6 FROM THE MESSAGE “Was Paul’s 2 year imprisonment worth it? […]

Those Were The Days – Welcome To Favor Country

Acts 25:1-12 – Welcome To Favor Country TOPIC The chief priests want a favor, Festus wants to give it. Meanwhile, Paul gets to enjoy the much better favor of God. SCRIPTURE REFERENCES Acts 25:1-12     Isaiah 54:17     Acts 28:19 FROM THE MESSAGE “Some criticize Paul for appealing to Caesar. They say it was a guaranteed death […]