Those Were The Days – Opportunity Comes Flogging

Acts 16:16-24 – Opportunity Comes Flogging TOPIC Paul and company encounter a demon possessed girl and continue their gracious, Christ-centered ministry in Philippi. SCRIPTURE REFERENCES Acts 16:16-24     Ephesians 4:26     FROM THE MESSAGE “Or some might think, “Oh, ok. You’ve been talking to us about the filling of the Holy Spirit. Is that the same as […]

Those Were The Days – God’s Mission, Should You Choose To Accpet It

Acts 10:24-48 – God’s Mission, Should You Choose To Accept It TOPIC God’s mission is to send His people out, filled with the Spirit, bringing the Gospel to others near and far who need to hear about salvation in Jesus Christ. SCRIPTURE REFERENCES Acts 10:24-48 FROM THE MESSAGE “God’s plan to put us in right […]