A True Beginning – The Home Office (Genesis 1:3-25)

Genesis 1:3-25 – The Home Office TOPIC In the first 6 days of the Creation Week we see the place God set up which would become our home, office and temple. SCRIPTURE REFERENCES Genesis 1:3-25     Job 41:19-21     Colossians 1:16 FROM THE MESSAGE “We note that God does not name the plants. He won’t name […]

A True Beginning – This Would Be The Start Of Something Big (Genesis 1:1-2)

Genesis 1:1-2 – This Would Be The Start Of Something Big TOPIC God begins His special revelation by showing us where everything in our universe came from and how He feels about it. SCRIPTURE REFERENCES Genesis 1:1-2     Exodus 3:14     Deuteronomy 32:11     Matthew  4:4     Romans 7:7     2 Timothy 3:16-17 FROM THE MESSAGE “Instead of getting […]